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There, by the endless sea, in the company of foamy waves and the sun that wasn't still quite up, peaceful in the silence occasionally interrupted by the sound of gulls, he sat. He enjoyed watching as the sun gave the sky that weird tint of orange-purple color.

He let his thoughts lead him to various places. Places he had never seen before, places no one knows of. Nature has gifted them with the most beautiful creations in her collection. Unstained by human presence, greed, and the fact that people tend to forget the importance nature holds in all our lives. Deserted places, yet so alive. He admired them, as he flew over islands various shapes and colors.

With the touch of ember and his arm he twitched, dropping the cigarette to the floor and coming back to reality. It was only then that he could comprehend the true beauty of the placed he had been imagining a moment ago. He was there again - both mentally and physically - on the balcony of the hotel he had stayed in. There was barely enough room for a table, and two small, wooden chairs.

He was surprised by all the scents that he had smelled in that moment, almost as if he hadn't noticed them before. And he had been here for quite some time. He had already gotten used to the sea, but the scent of sea and fish, mixed together with the scents of all the flowers on the balcony, and that of hot coffee on the table, gave away a new, unique aroma. Weird, yet somehow pleasant.

It wasn't uncommon for him to sit like that for hours, trying to find a way out of the labyrinth of his thoughts. A labyrinth in which he would find himself, every time he was on his own - without a phone, TV, internet or anything else that would remind him that he is surrounded by people.

The only thing that gave him some kind of way out were the gulls. It's nothing new for a man to fantasize about having wings and flying, but this was different. Whenever he would close his eyes, he would find himself there, below the endless sky, following them and ripping the air with his wings, diving towards the fishermen' boats. Then, he would rise up again, far above everything that weighs on his mind, and along with the rest, charge towards the sun.

It is in that small amount of time, that he knew where he belonged.

The End

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