The Struggle: PrologueMature

Idea and help by EmmaRoze. A man faces his biggest struggle yet in a confrontation with a demon.

            In all James Allen’s life, he had never seen anything like this.  He wasn’t a religious man; people of his type almost never were, but he did believe in evil.  Seeing the thing in front of him, feeling the hair stand up on the back of his neck, he knew.  The creature in front of him was there, and it was real.  The silvery eyes glared at him from their black depths. 

            “The fuck you looking at, short timer!”  It was short, scrawny, and orc like. Long pointed ears shot out from the sides of the thing’s head.  My grandma what long ears you have. It sounded like a small sinister dwarf with a Brooklyn accent.  A con man, demon, thing.  It's teeth, the color of ashes, were long and sharp.  My grandma what sharp teeth you have.   It was like reading a fucked up modernized version of Red Riding Hood from The Brother’s Grimm.

            “Whatever the fuck you are, friend!”  James smirked.  He hadn’t lost his edge yet, even though he had just woke up in a bed he didn’t know, and wasn’t quite sure where he was.

“Is this hell?”

The thing cackled, “No, no short timer. You aren’t in hell you dumbass!”  It looked as if it wanted to say something, opened its’ mouth to do so, and then stopped.  The silence sent a shiver down James’ back.  “But ya ought to look around. Might find something, how do you short timers call it, interesting! Sit up! Sit up!”

The thing was imploring James to do so.  James didn’t like the idea, but started to move when he heard  “CLANK!” His wrist was cuffed to the railing of the bed.

The thing in front of him, that infernal creature, laughed hysterically, falling on its back and holding its stomach.  “Hahaha dumbass short timers always forget to look before they do shit! Always works too!”

            “Life is like a forest of statues upon narrow walkways.” James thought  “We try to find our way out, but always run into more problems than solutions.  Sometimes, we even get pushed into darkness”

            “Careful shorts, she’ll die in a week.  That’s all the time you’re given. One week!” All the better to eat her up.  The reoccurrence of these thoughts, and the allusion to the wolf that the creature gave off, chilled James to the bone and caused him to faint from fright.

A voice pierced through his ears as the room faded to black. 


The End

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