The Strigoi Guardian

The Strigoi Guardian is about a little orphan girl, raised by the Strigoi who is a Vampire Warrior race. They teach her how to be a Warrior, but even they are surprised when she goes through her Change - younger than all the other Vampires as it turns out she is no mere Vampire, but something else completely. Part Vampire, part Witch and shockingly, a Shapeshifter and World Traveler. With this shock, they find out she is descendant from an ancient race of Guardians and only born in a time of ne

It came at her with terrifying speed and she had no-where to run. She dived over the grass just as it flipped around, apparently deciding she was an easy target.

"Sweet Mother! Help!"

She threw her knife, and then it's on her, claws flying. She dodged and ducked, using every single trick she owned to stay ahead of it's strikes. Instinct demanded she turn and run, but the moment she did, she'd be dead. So instead she circled it, desperate to keep it turning so it couldn't catch her. Things were fine until her foot caught on an uneven section on the ground. She went down hard, trying to roll out of the way. But a suffocating weight landed on her back. Pinning her as sharp teeth ripped into her shoulder. She screamed and flailed. trying to flip the monster off. It was no use - the thing was too damn heavy. Distantly she could hear Male voices yelling and smell the acrid scent of guns. The monster gives her a shake; teeth digging deeper as wetness cover her back. Blessed numbness soak into her skin, wrapping itself around her. A small part of her mind screamed that this is bad, so very, very bad, but she couldn't dredge up enough energy to care. The weight suddenly disappear off her back, a terrible scream filling the air. She wanted to look, but she couldn't seem to move her head. Hands turn her over and arms she could only half feel, lifted her from the ground. Pain lanced through her entire body, fire coursing along her veins, spreading agony in its wake.

"Oh gods, that hurts." she whimpers.

"Hang on, you're going to be okay." a voice whispers in her ear.

The End

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