The Strength of Feeling

I could be labeled as someone who lets the emotions get the best of me. Under a light like that, its no wonder we live in such an emotionless society. We are scared to admit feeling. We live in a place where its cool to  hide what we feel because a happy person is a desired person. A mysterious person is intruging. 

No one has the strength to show weakness these days. No one can be honest about what they feel inside. If we are all sheep, those who rise above are only dragged down. Chaos could arise if people were allowed to freely express themselves. Heaven forbid we turn into rainbow sheep!

It takes strength to open up and pour out pure emotion at the mercy of judgment. It is hard to step off that pedistool of pride for honesty. We distance ourselves by labeling it as bad, wrong, degrading. But what is degrading about showing a pain everyone feels? How is it different from smiling when there's happiness inside?

It makes me sad inside, because I love to cry. I love to let all the emotion out, and know that it is free to dissolve, and not rot inside me. There is an intimacy unlike any other. We grow closer relating to each other's troubles, stronger as we join forces and fight them together. 

I'm not afraid to cry because I see it as strength. I'm in touch with my emotions. I feel everything to the fullest. I  hurt the most and I glow the brightest. Why only feel something halfway?

People say emotions get the best of me, but I would argue the opposite. I would say I get the best of my emotions.

The End

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