Welcome Home

I woke from my restless sleep hearing my mother calling my name.

''Cassie....time to get out of bed'' she said.''We have a very busy day ahead of us.''

I rubbed the sleep from my swollen eyes and glanced around the trailer,hoping it looked diffrent than what I had remembered the night before.Even with the suns bright rays shining into the only window above the t.v set,it looked as unsettling as it had the night before.

I glanced over to the couch where I had last seen Frank the night before,but he was no longer there.Happy with the thought of once again being alone with my mother I hurried out of bed and joined her at the kitchen table.She had her reading glasses on and was busy trying to solve the daily crossword puzzle.

''Cassie your clothes are at the bottom of the bed,you should get changed and we will go to the school to get you enrolled'' she said.

The End

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