My mother led me by hand into what appeared to be a porch of some kind.It was litterd with beer cans and old smelly work boots.There were holes in the floor where the outside plants had grown through.And a blanket hung in the doorway that led into the next room.

Behind the musty smelling blanket was a long hallway.On one side was a room no bigger really than a closet,this would be our bathroom.As we entered the end of the hall it opened up into a large open concept living area.The area contained two rooms being the living room and kitchen.

The walls were yellow from years of smoke damage and the rugs that were once a pale blue in colour were now almost brown with dirt and grime.The living room consisted of an old saggy couch,a black and white t.v set,a coffe table and a bed that appeared to pull out from the wall.

The kitchen area was small and consisted of only a tiny counter piece by the overfull sink of rotting dishes,a table of which you could not see the top,a fridge that was clanging and a stove that looked as tho it hadn't been used a whole lot.

As I was taking in my new surroundings,my mother interupted my thoughts and told me to say hello to a fella she had called Frank upon entering.He looked up from the sofa and gave me a big half rotten grin and patted the couch beside him.

''Come sit down here and take a load off'' he said.

It was late and I was hoping to hurry the introduction along so I could get some sleep.I sat down beside him and could instantly smell the heavy scent of alcohol and ciggarettes on his stale breath.He threw his heavy arm around my shoulders and offered me a hug that I tried to squirm out of.I sat there beside him a few minutes longer admiring the man that my mother had fallen for.He had blue eyes that once seemed as tho they were bright and full of life.They were now dull and drained of happiness.His lips and nose were bright red,the redness that acommponies years of alcohol abuse.His skin was aged,wrinkled and beaded with sweat from his brow to his scruffy  facial hair..His hair was greasy and pulled back into a tiny pony tail in the back of his head.He looked like a man I had seen once when my father took me down town to shop one day.A man I had seen sleeping on a park bench in the center of town.

My mother then told me to crawl up into the only bed in the trailer and get some rest.She tried to convince Frank to put his beers away for the night,but according to the loud music that played long into the night it appeared she had lost the fight and decided instead to join him.

I cried myself to sleep that night,longing for the father I had left behind.Hoping that this horrible place was just in my nightmares and not where I would have to spend my child hood.

The End

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