The streets

Twas bored. Take it wherever you want :)

I breath creativity. I perspire talent. I feel power coursing through my veins.

I glance at my watch. Near midnight. The stars sparkle, like diamonds in the infinite darkness of space and time. They are long dead now. I witnessed them die. I caused their death, and now I laugh at the thought. I think of their glistening light as a desperate cry for help, as I recall their demise. Allowing myself a secret smile I continue walking through the dank allyway, in hope of encountering something, someone to destroy. Sure enough, but only a few metres down I spy a man, clad in tracksuit, clutching a bottle. "Chu lewkin at..?" he slurs. Clearly threatened, he smashes the empty bottle against the wall. I just stand my ground, smirking at his pathetic attempts to intimidate me. He makes a lunge for me, plunging the jagged edges of the bottle into my forearm. The warm, crimson liquid trickles over my skin,  a river of pain, but it matters not. My eyes glow, a luminous violet. His grow with fear. I throw him against a wall, watch him struggle for breath. He splutters. He dies.

I laugh.

The End

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