The brutes head popped out of the hole and I lurched up and shocked him, causing him to violently shake and collapse to the ground. I jumped onto him and and held him down with my knife on his throat. "Get me out of here or you'll die." I commanded. He stared up at me in horror and nodded his head. He took out his phone and called everybody in the gang and told them to escort me out immediately. I slowly got off and let him stand, then walked around to his back and held my knife out in front of his throat. He suddenly turned and tried to attack. I dodged his fatal punch and stunned him to the ground and quickly slit his throat. This was not the outcome I had wanted but he proved too dangerous to be left alive. I crawled back out through the narrow hole and spotted one of his guards.

 "Hey, get me outta here or I'll have your boss killed!" I shouted. "There is a handgun next to his head that I can trigger with his phone." I held it out in front of him and he told me the quickest way out. I dropped the phone and ran. Left, left, and right and I would be out. I turned three times and found a door, leading to the alleys. I climbed onto a building and spotted my shack. It had never looked so nice. I climbed up into my shack and dialed 911. "Hey officer, I have spotted 3 gangs back here in the back alleys of downtown Chicago. They are highly dangerous thieves and killers and must be jailed immediately."

"I'm sorry who is this speaking?"

 "Alex" I said. Then I hung up.

The End

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