I reached the top of my cage. and Stood on a spike. The hole was almost big enough to fit me but not enough. I started to beat the edges and eventually they folded over enough to let me through. I wiggled out and fell to the ground landing in the warm puddle of fresh blood. I jumped up and looked around. There were lit candles everywhere and the walls were covered in blood with human skulls planted into the cement. I was deep in the sewers, with 3 gangs. Escape would be impossible. I chose a side and started to run, but was stopped when I heard intense laughter, echoing off the walls. I turned to the other side and fled. 

 The sewer felt endless. My legs were aching and I hadn't spotted a single dot of sunlight. I've been greeted with a face full of candles and blood every turn. "There he is!" I fell to the ground startled and saw the shadows of brute coming towards me. If he caught me I was dead.

The End

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