I woke up in a blood red cell. The only things in here were a towel and a hole, which I assumed was to dispose of wastes. The walls were created by crude workings of metal, full of spikes and jagged edges where no where was smooth. Red light poured in from the cracks but I spotted on loose bar. If I got that loose i might be able to smack down a member of the Cracks and escape.

 For the next hour I listened and struggled to pry the bar free, but it wasn't as loose as I thought. I resorted to kicking, and after a full workout it clanged to the ground. Then I heard rushed foot steps. I slipped the bar which was about a foot long into my pants and waited. "Hey Watcher want some grub?" I whimpered yes and received a cup full of grubs through a hole I had noticed in the top right corner of my cell. I threw it back, I heard him scream and his head crashed into a spike on the outside of my cell and I heard silence. He had just died. "NO NO NO!" I thought. If the other members saw this they would kill me on the spot. So I started to climb.

The End

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