I heard them yelling. "Get over here you police scum!" The voices stalked closer by the second and so did their footsteps. I prayed that they wouldn't find me. Than I felt myself being lifted out of my crib. "There's the little rat!" Spat the gang member. "Burn HIMMM!" Squeaked the smallest member. Then the largest man I had ever seen walked in. "Don't kill him, I recognize him. He's the little brat that's been on the television known as The Street Watcher. We could turn him into the Cs and we'd get rich. We'd be known as heroes for finding the illegal "Cop" and the Cs might just leave us alone." My face turned bright red. They had recognized me, and they would turn me in to the police for I had committed many crimes to shut down gangs. "Stone him" Said the huge brute. I was then swallowed by darkness.

The End

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