My breathing became heavy, sweat ran down to my lips, and my body began to shake. Anytime soon I would see them. "Hahaha, did I tell y'all bout' the time I ran from the Cs. They started chasin' me and Russel Diamond for robbin' a bank and we shot their wheels, and totalled the dang car and sped away. He neva knew what hit em'." The voices were close. I gasped when I saw the size of their shadows. I could see their muscle lines in the shadow! If they took steroids which they probably did I'm screwed. They walked right in front of me and I could smell the foul aroma of common marijuana and cocaine. Then they scattered around and all dropped their trousers and stared to pee while still talking. Too bad one tried to pee on me. 

 I lashed out my foot and kicked him there, with no pants or nothing causing him to scream. Then I ran out into the main street and turned into the first alley and jumped into the dumpster. Then I waited for my demise.

The End

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