Jagged Edges

 I started my walk into the alley. My plan to ambush from the roofs has proven too dangerous, and if I go through the sewer I could run into a group of Bloods so I had no choice. Where I had landed was only 2 alleys away from where the Cracks were smoking and in the past I noticed some members would head into the next alley to pee. The plan sounded ridiculous, but I would wait in the alley until someone had too go and I would ambush them. 

 The "Pee alley" was the alley next to mine so all I had to do was curve around this building and hide in the shadows. Now too wait. "So yeah, that's how I got this scar, from some little knife this kid pulled on me to scare me away from dealin', but I snapped his neck and threw him to the sewers. Then I reported him missing and no one's seen im' since."

 "Hahaha, dumb cops never know what's the truth. Too easy these days."

 "Wow." I whispered to myself. These guys were worse than I thought. Then I heard many more voices getting closer and closer.

The End

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