The Desent

 The decent seemed impossible. It was pitch black outside with the clouds blocking the moon. I couldn't tell if something was a foothold or a shadow so I had to go off of my memory. This would probably lead to disaster. I couldn't use my lamp to see because if I lilt myself the Cracks might see me and attack, or a nearby stranger could call 911 seeing me on the side of a tall building. I slowly lowered my leg and felt support. I carefully transferred my weight to my foot instead of my arms and I relaxed feeling support.

 "CRASH!" the loose pipe gave away and I was suddenly plummeting towards the ground at a dangerously fast speed. "Ooommphh!" With my luck I had the best landing possible. I had fallen straight into the nearby dumpster quickly after someone had thrown away a load of old rugs and blankets. I slid my had around until I felt the edge of the dumpster and lifted my way out. Soon I was back on my feet. I checked my pockets and panicked, but my knife and stun gun had not been disturbed. I was now ready for ambush.

The End

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