The Cracks

 My current house is located in the backstreets of Chicago where 3 famous gangs have always roamed. The are known as the Cracks, the main dealers, Bloods, the hired killers and guards, and the Diamonds, the thieves. My plan to eliminate them is simple. Find each gang member alone and take them out 1 by 1 until they surrender. I will start watching tonight.

 May 22nd, 3:00 am. All gangs are out, the Bloods patrolling, the Diamonds smuggling stolen jewelry and the Cracks dealing drugs behind the Bloods cover. Looks like all of them add up to one big gang.

 May 23rd, 2:30 am. This looks like a chance. The Bloods are asleep, the Diamonds have gone  shoplifting and the Cracks are too high to notice me. I lower my binoculars and set out to strike. I have illegally lived on a roof of a nearby building where I can monitor their activity at night. It consists of a large, wooden shack with no windows and a lifeless doorway. The width and length of the building are both 7 feet and it is only 8 feet tall, barely noticeable on the rooftops. I start my decent of the 3 story building in the pitch black darkness.

The End

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