Alex grew up in the streets, raised by his dad and his older friends who are a part of a gang. But instead of following the path his friends wanted him to take full of drugs, girls, and crime he chose the brighter path.

Hey, I'm Alex Hamelton. People have always called me a criminal, but I look at myself as a hero.

I grew up in the streets only raised by my father and my older friends. My dad always worked the late nights so I never saw him until the weekends. The only people I saw during the day were my alley friends. They were not the the best friends though. Many times I went into the alleys they would be doing drugs, drinking alcohol, or would be writing unpleasant things on the walls of peoples homes. A few times I would give in and drink a bit, but I would never destroy the nearby property or do the drugs. The reason I'm against that now is because of the time my friends and I accidentally burned someone's house down while lighting firecrackers on their porch. The look on the children's faces struck me cold, because  I  imagined how it would feel if my house were burned to a crisp. It wasn't funny at all,  it was horribly wrong, inhuman. After that encounter I ditched my friends and their thoughts and chose the opposite path.

The End

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