Damn, that Aria chick was hot. Cody punched my arm as I watched her wander across the street, more specifically watching her curves.

“Don’t perv, you only just met her.”

“Like she wasn’t being suggestive,” I laughed, glancing at Rayn, “think you can handle him for a bit?”

“Probably. Why, where’re you going?”

“Just to look at that empty house down the road,” I grinned. I really did try and look at the empty house, but see, Aria was sunbathing in that tiny little bikini in her front yard and, fuck me, was she gorgeous. At first I sort of tried to use the empty place to pretend that I wasn’t shamelessly staring, but I gave up on that in the end. She was being incredibly suggestive with a popsicle, and how was I supposed to help it when my head got all filled up with what I’d rather she had her lips wrapped around?

This guy looked at me as he walked by, saying something to me.

“Wha?” I blinked, having to tear my eyes away from certain parts of Aria’s body.

"I said fuck off," he told me.

"Why?" I arched an eyebrow. People only usually said that to me when I’d been doing something I wasn’t s’posed to.

"S'kinda rude to perv on chicks," he said. Oh.

"I'm admiring. Anyway, if she doesn't want to be perved on, she should go act like that in her back yard"

This guy was getting on my nerves. "Why should she have to?"

"'Cause if someone that looks like that is lounging around in a bikini outside the way she is, she's gonna get stares. It's not like she has a problem with it."

"How do you know she doesn't?" I think the popsicle thing was enough proof for me.

"If she had a problem, she'd move, idiot."

"Aria's too polite for that.” But not so polite that she won’t put on a show just to tease me.

"Whatever, man. I'll stare all I like til she tells me otherwise. It's none of your goddamn business," I really wanted to hit him.

"It is my goddamn business, actually," he informed me.

"Oh, is it? Are you her boyfriend?"

"Yeah, I am,” he lied. I mean, it wasn’t like I’d care much either way, I just wanted to know who I was dealing with.

"Just fuck off, yeah?"

"You can fuck off,” I retorted, getting kinda pissed at the guy now. I watched as he wandered over to Aria, kissing her cheek.

"Aria, sweetheart, can you go inside?"

She got up, "Keep it clean, boys,” she told us before wandering inside. Was this guy for real?

“You sure messed with the wrong guy,” he said, shrugging off his leather jacket.

I balled up my fists, ready for whatever this idiot could throw at me. "Did I now?"

“Yeah.” He waited for me to make the first move, which I did more than happily, watching as my temper was betrayed by everything that wasn’t bolted down started trembling. I guess I should explain that, at least a little bit. See, I can move things without touching them. I can heal myself and others, too. Not that I do much healing of other people. And the last, really fun bit is that I’m immortal. You heard me. I can’t die. Fun stuff right?

We brawled in the middle of the street, and I was winning til he set himself on fire. Holy fuck. Who sets themselves on fire in a fight? Talk about unfair. I swore loudly, healing away as many burns as I could. I battered his head, trying to get him to turn the fucking flames off, but it didn’t have any real effect.

I tried to strangle him, but there was this sort of tingling in my hands. I’d have said it was like burning, but it was worse than the fire. I did my best to heal that away, but the pain only got worse. My vision blurred, and the ground rushed up for a big fucking hug. The last thing I saw was his victorious smirk.


I coughed. Being dead really fucks up your lungs, did you know that? Coughing and spluttering my way into consciousness attracted Aria’s attention. I opened my eyes as I heard her footsteps getting closer to me. Her smile greeted me as I looked around.

“Fuck,” I groaned.

“Y’all okay?”

“That hurt.”

"I can imagine," she said, watching as I rubbed the sleep grit out of my eyes and sat up, shivering. I could still feel whatever it was that guy did to me. I healed away what I could feel, muttering that I wasn’t sorry for staring, despite what had happened.

"Didn't think ya would be."

"I'd stop if you asked me to, but that guy was a jerk"

"That guy also happens to be my best friend," she told me and from then on I did my best to keep my anger towards him to myself. She smiled a little. "If it's any consolation, he's been sent to the naughty corner." I laughed slightly, making her smile.

"I think he needs a bit more than that, he killed me!"

She nodded, "he saw you as a threat." I arched an eyebrow. I was a threat? If I’d been doing more than looking, then sure, but I wasn’t. "It takes ya a while to understand how his head works." Right, so he was a nutcase. Great.

"Anyway, are ya gonna be okay now?"

"Yeah, good as new," I nodded.

She smiled. "Good."

"The things I have to go through to look at someone as pretty as you, eh?" I said with a small chuckle, making her laugh.

"Are y'all flirtin' with me, there?"

"I think after all that, flirting is the least I should be allowed to get away with," I said, thinking of plenty other things I should be allowed to get away with.

"Oh really?" she smirked at me slightly. I nodded. "Well ya can flirt all ya like, doesn't mean it'll work.”

"Now that'd be a shame," I said, determined now for it to work.

“I'm sure it would," she agreed. 

The End

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