The Street: Take ThreeMature

The Street attempt no.3 basically. The lives of some people that live on the same street.

“I lay sunbathin’ in the front yard, my eyes closed to stop the sun blindin’ me. I’ve never been one for wearin’ shades, y’see? Anyway, I was sunbathin’, and enjoyin’ the warmth against my skin when I heard a car roll on up the street. I opened my eyes, and saw two folks I didn’t recognise; one drivin’ and one sulkin’ in the back.

My name’s Aria, by the way. Just Aria. I’m kinda a vampire. Have been for the last one hundred forty nine years. It doesn’t bother me no more, though, and I’m just glad the sun don’t affect me. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t sit out in the sun and relax. I’ve lived on this street a good twenty years now, and I’ve spent five of those with my good buddy Denver, who still lives with me now. Denver’s not exactly the friendliest of people. He doesn’t understand people, see? So he tends to avoid ‘em. He’s a nice enough boy, though.

Anywho, I watched as the car stopped outside Cody’s house. Cody’s one of the few residents here that I know. He’s nice enough, and he’s definitely not bad lookin’ but he’s not my type. Shame. It’s been a while since I was with anyone. See, I come from a time when y’all tried to have only one man, so I’m not one to take relationships lightly. In my hundred and sixty six years, I’ve only ever had three relationships, and two of ‘em were serious enough to marry me.

But that’s beside the point. The guy I didn’t know got outta the driver’s side and opened the back door, telling whoever was inside to get out. They didn’t, and he ended up draggin’ ‘em out. The guy drivin’ picked the other guy off the floor, and he didn’t look much older’n a fourteen year old. The kid got carried off in a fireman’s lift toward Cody’s house, kickin’ and bitin’ at whoever was carryin’ him. Cody opened the front door, and I headed over, wonderin’ just what on earth was goin’ on. Cody let ‘em in, and I heard someone start screaming from inside.

"Howdy" I said to Cody when I was near enough.

"Hey, Aria"

"Dare I ask what's goin' on?"

"Rayn ran away and I asked Luca to bring him back so he doesn't do anything stupid" he said, talkin’ over the screechin’.

"Rayn? Your brother, right?" I asked and he nodded. "Why's he screechin' so much?" I asked, glancin’ inside.

"Because he didn't want to come back" Cody sighed. "He wanted to go visit his mom's grave, but I didn't want to run the risk of running into dad while we were there, so I wouldn't let him, and then the little shit snuck out the other night and drove off in my car"

"Want me to try and talk some sense into him?"

"I dunno if he'll listen, but you can try, if you want"

"I don't mind, 'hon" I smiled.

"Be my guest"

I wandered in, trackin’ Rayn down and findin’ him bein’ pinned to the sofa by the guy from before. I guess this was the Luca that Cody mentioned. Luca glanced over and Rayn kicked him in the belly.

"Now Rayn, y'all listen to me. Stop all this yellin' and screamin' or I'll have to tan your hide" I said a lil’ sternly.

"Let me go" he yelled, lookin’ over at me.

"And no candy" I said, standin’ with my hands on my hips the way my momma used to when she meant business.

"Make him get off me" Rayn yelled and I looked at Luca.

He laughed. "If I let go, he'll be out that door before you can blink"

"I'm faster'n I look" I insisted.

Luca let go of him and he bolted, but remember how I said I was a vampire? I moved ever so slightly and stopped him, barely flinchin’ as he crashed into me. I smiled down at him, which was a feat given I wasn’t much taller’n him, and he looked up at me innocently.

"Let me go" he said.

"Only if y'all promise not to run"

"Why shouldn't I?"

"'Cause your brother wants ya to stay here"

"But I don't" he said grumpily.

"Well surely he wants ya to stay here for a good reason, right?"

"I can hide from daddy"

"But what if ya get hurt?"

"I can take care of myself" he said, stampin’s his lil’ foot when it was obvious I didn’t believe him. “Why won’t anyone believe me”

"'Cause ya look too young to be on your own"

"I'm twenty" he sulked.

"Really?" I asked and he nodded. "Well then y'all might just be the cutest twenty year old I ever did see"

"Am I?" he asked and I nodded, smilin’. "You're nice, I like you. I don't like Cody or Luca though"

"Why not?"

"They dragged me back here"

"Well maybe they wanted ya to meet me" I said, pokin’ my tongue out. He looked at me all suspicious. "What's that face for?"

"I don't believe you"

"Why not?” I asked, fakin’ a hurt look.

"'Cause they would've said" he said a lil’ innocently.

"Perhaps they wanted it to be a surprise"


I ruffled his hair a lil’ and he smiled up at me a tiny bit.

"I just wanted to go visit mom"

"And I'm sure ya can soon"


"Mhm" I said, smilin’ at the hopeful look on his lil’ face. "But til then, y'all gotta behave, 'kay?"


"I'm impressed" I heard Cody say from behind me and I turned to face him, still holdin’ Rayn.


"He never listens to anyone when he gets like that" he said and Rayn was busy glarin’ at Luca.

"Well, maybe I'm just special"

Cody laughed. "Well either way, I'm grateful. Thanks for calming him down so quickly"

"Don't mention it" I smiled and Cody smiled back. I turned my attention back to Rayn, then. "Can I trust ya to behave now?"

"Do I get candy?" he asked and I nodded. “Then yes”

I let him go, watchin’ with a smile as he skittered off into the kitchen.

"I don’t think we've met" I said, turnin’ to Luca.

"I'm Luca" he said, offerin’ me his hand to shake.

"Aria" I shook his hand, glancin’ at his hand to check what state they were in. My momma always told me y’all can tell a lot about a man by his hands.

"Pretty name for a pretty lady" he smirked a lil’.

"Well you're certainly bold" I said and he chuckled.

"I guess I am" he said, flashin’ me an easy grin.

"Are ya stayin' here or just visitin'?"

"I was thinking I might move in nearby. I'm Rayn's best friend, have been forever" he said and I smiled. “You live around here?”

"Across the street"

"Good to know"

"And why's that?"

"Just is" he smiled, grinnin’ when I chuckled.

"Well, Luca, it was nice meetin' ya"

"And you"

I went and found Rayn, givin’ him a goodbye hug and thankin’ him when he gave me some of his candy. I said bye to Cody, tellin’ him it was fine when he thanked me again for calmin’ Rayn down so quickly.

"Bye" Luca said.

"I'll see ya around" I smiled.

"Hope so" he said and I winked at him, headin’ out the door.

Oh boy, was he gonna be fun to play with.

The End

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