We stopped at a gas station for food. Hansen slid out of the car and rapped on the hood of the car with his knuckles. His mouth twitched slightly as he looked at the near empty box in the back seat. He'd been right, the food didn't last.

"We need to fill that up again," he said.

"Are you talking about the car, or the box you clearly devoured?" Charlie asked, leaning out the window.

"Both," he muttered. "Do you want anything?"

I blinked, realized that he was addressing me, and nodded. "Water, and maybe gummy bears if they have them."

"Oh, that's healthy," Charlotte remarked.

I glanced at the box full of empty twinkie wrappers and mini doughnuts bags. Hansen took the box and carried it toward the trash, then grinned.

"I'm going to stock up, and you can pump the gas."

As we watched him leave, Charlotte turned to me. She reached a hand out and placed it on my cheek, her lips curving.

"He's going to see," I warned her.

"We're not together anymore," she assured me. "It was only a few months."

I looked into the gas station; Hansen was at the counter, with his back to the car. I sighed and gripped Charlotte's fingers in mine, then brought her hand away from my face, shaking my head.

"No," I said. "It's not fair to him that we hid this."

"He won't care."

I stared at her, an eyebrow raised. "Do you not know Hansen?"

"Of course I do," she snapped. "What kind of dumb question is that?"

"Then you know he'll absolutely give a shit finding out his ex girlfriend and best friend hooked up behind his back."

Before Charlie could reply, the back door to the car swung open and Hansen dropped into the seat. He hoisted the now full box next to him. I dropped her and and looked at what he bought: water, energy drinks, and several bags of candy.

When I started the car and pulled back onto the road, I remembered that I was supposed to get gas. But it was too late now. Even so, we'd be fine. It's not like we'd break down or anything.

If I filled up the car, my friends would still be here. So I guess their deaths really were my fault.

The End

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