The Stranger on The Beach

A very short story about a lonely teenager who's life is changed forever...

I was walking in the street one day, alone like always. Nothing but me and my thoughts as I began my walk to the beach. It was a beach where many couples would bring their companions to indulge in the pleasures of life. I however was always alone. Isolated from those around me, I am unlike those who tease and make life a living nightmare.

The beach is very beautiful. So innocent and perfect like that of a Geisha, and yet people come and desecrate this land. I would like to do that also… however my wish for a companion is sadly wasted, or so it would seem until I met the most peculiar, and most handsome gentleman I had ever laid eyes on.

It happened on a Sunday. I, like always was taking my usual stroll to the beach. The sun was like that of passion fruit, tempting me to taste the wonders of this land, Tempting me to try new things…

I arrived at my destination and was greeted by some people from school. The looked me up and down like I was some piece of muck (or words to that effect) that had been scraped off their shoes. They were dressed in the height of fashion, perfect symbols of this consumerist nation in which I am sadly a part of. Their hair was like that of silk, it moved so beautifully in the wind. These boys were the gods of perfection and yet within them emitted such ugliness. The way they would judge others, like myself. Picking at our imperfections like the vulture picks the last scraps of meat from that of a corpse. We meant nothing to these people, only something to contrast with their beauty. Alexander, the most handsome of the group approached me, his arm around Sarah, tenderly stroking her love bitten neck. His fingers moved gracefully up to her ear and back down to her collar bone.

“What’re you doing here James?” Asked Alexander with a smirk across his face. He would do that to mock me.

“I’ve… just come for a walk” I replied with my eyes fixed on the sandy path way.

“Your pathetic James, you really are. We all have girlfriends” They began to snigger. “I don’t see one with you… or maybe your one of them?”

My cheeks began to change to the colour of crimson, a single tear ran down my face.

“Come on lets leave this thing, he hurts my eyes even looking at it.” Commanded Alexander. They began to barge their way past me, almost knocking me to the ground.

I continued until I reached the sea, the sun was beginning to set. Oh how beautiful it was to behold, and that was when I noticed him. Next to me, sat on the rocks was the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. His hair was more gorgeous than Alexander’s. This man had long blonde curls, a marvel to witness. The wind made it dance with life. Oh how I wished to run my fingers through them, to smell how magnificent they were. The man’s eyes were as blue as the ocean, he wore a thin scarf about his neck, lovingly tied. I watched as this scarf moved with the wind. Dressed in tight black jeans and a black shirt, complete with the best jacket I had ever laid eyes on. The shoes were pointy black leather shoes, with a buckle on each of them. He was perfect, this creature that god himself has created that walks the Earth as I do is perfect. My eyes could not leave this man, he sat eating an apple of darkest crimson, watching as he took each bite, teeth sinking deep into the fruits flesh. Watching this sent a shiver down my spine, who was this figure of beauty?


The man glanced at me, and a beautiful smile came about his face.

“Hello there” said he in a soft and delicate voice. A voice that turned my legs into jelly.

“I do hope that they didn’t upset you.”

“It’s fine… thank you” I relied.

“What brings you out here alone James?” asked the gentleman.

He startled me. How did he know my name?

“James?” I asked in a foolish attempt to get an answer.

“Yes, I know all about you James. Your quite well know around here, but you seem to gather the wrong attention.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t know your name.”

“Oh how rude of me! My name is Quentin. I am a young man of nineteen and have been wondering about this beech for the past month now.” Revealed Quentin in his wonderful voice. Quentin jumped down from the rock, his coat trailing behind him like that of a cape, fluttering in the wind, the sound was like music and he it’s conductor. He moved closer to me with his beautiful smile, my lips began to shake.

“I..” he put his finger on my mouth so that I would stop talking. Holding my hips he pulled me closer to him and began to kiss me. His lips where soft and tasted like strawberries, gently nibbling my lip with his perfectly white teeth. I ran my fingers through those blonde curls, they felt better than silk. At that very moment all my dreams had come true. I looked into his eyes once more and he glanced deeply into my own, he then wrapped his arms around me.

“Don’t worry James” said Quentin in his soothing tone. “You aren’t alone anymore” as he said those very words a tear ran down his beautiful pale cheeks, he kissed me once more and then vanished forever.

The End

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