The StrangerMature

A woman with rare abilities and who has been around for unknown amount of time and her adventures.

The wind howled loudly as she walked down the street heading to Gregory’s favorite club, unbeknownst to her she did not see her stalker. A man, possibly insane, possibly not but still he admire the swish of her rear as she continued to the club. Shelly, absolutely did not know what a sight she was for the vagrants of the dark alleys and the pulse beat of the gang bangers trolling the wide avenue in their big honking Escalades looking for a pretty face.

All she knew that she was going to meet Gregory tonight and see how serious he was. The man had been playing games with her. Acting like a lover, a boyfriend extraordinaire but cool like mint when it came to the bedroom scene. The  last time she check his profile, he had all these women hitting on him and his replies were of that being single yet they have been together for little over 2 years now. She felt eyes on her, as she walked the dirty street block to the club he liked with the loud brazen music and the glitter- soaked bodies of strippers doing their pole dancing.

The man that had been following her since she left home was between stalker and rapist but she wasn’t aware of this fact all she knew is that she could hear his boots clip clop behind her ever closer. She knew that this stranger posed no danger to her knowing that she can handle any asshole that was fool enough to mess with her.

She had dressed in her best party clothes, a tight mini-skirt with a leather corset with a sheer red shirt underneath and granny boots. You might say, she looked like a whore but she was never one, she just like clothes that accentuated her figure and made her feel sexy.  The man had no purposes of hurting her but he smelled even from a foot away of grease and urine. If this man was to be her guardian angel he pulled it off being a bum of the streets, the endless number of homeless on the streets.

Gregory is sitting at his favorite table getting the best view of tits and ass, while drumming his fingers on the glass table. He knew he been playing Shelly like a high school girl but she had assets. She wanted something serious and he was done with the relationship thing. Gregory is a handsome man with ego, which needed to be stroked and fucked with daily. He is a man that sees himself as more important than the average spillage of humanity. Shelly was no longer doing it for him and he knew she had been checking on him since he turned down several other dates with her. He finally relented knowing how much she cared for him but he dreaded the coming conflict with her. He had arranged a hit on her, which is what he does when he gets tired of the nice girls and doesn’t want to do the dirty deed himself. He pays some fool up towards a thousand bucks for wrecking the beautiful innocence of a woman that suddenly gets too clingy, starving for more. Yes, you can say this man was terrifying asshole and being a cop just made it easier for him to do what he does and yet keep his official record clean.

Gregory did not think that Shelly would come to this club that he attended when he was bored. It intrigued him because all the other weak women would never consider stepping foot inside a strip club. He hope secretly that she had dressed the part right, with her tight ass held sweetly in that mini skirt. He almost gave himself an erection when he remembers he had no purpose for the quiet woman.

The man, which is a stranger to those around him, been keeping tabs on the woman and watched her strut into the strip club. Shelly showed the bouncer her ticket and look at her oddly; he thought it strange that such a good looking broad would want to hang out at this establishment. He waved her in not knowing what complications will arise from her entrance into the bright lights and lecherous stares of the patrons. He gather that the chica could handle herself well but then again it was a strange night with the moon full and other things left unsaid in the darkness of the night.

Shelly spotted Gregory and the woman dancing in front of his table. She was older but still had some year’s left but wearing gaudy stripper outfit that seemed two sizes too small for her mature bosom and to tight elsewhere. Gregory on the other hand was admiring her skills and the way the woman hugged the pole as if she was giving Gregory a blow job. He was enjoying the show way too much and didn’t notice Shelly until he flagged a topless waitress for another scotch and tonic.

“Hello, Shelly…..sorry, I did not know you were here. Take a seat and admire the show.” He said sounding satisfied as if he embarrassed her like it was his objective.

Shelly slid gracefully into the booth next to him and ordered vodka straight up with water on the side. The drink order surprised him even more, after all his thinking of the woman was that she was timid and meek as a mouse.

“Gregory, what the hell is up with us? I called and called you at work and at your place. I know you aren’t married so what the deal of pretending being a player is.  All I know is that you’re a cop and I have given it some serious thought. You give me the 4-1-1 right now.”  Shelly said her teeth grinding in a grimace knowing that this cop thought she could be a toy. She laughed to herself thinking it was a good thing that the sex wasn’t all the great.

“Shelly, give me a break here. I thought you and I had something fantastic but you ruined it when you want more out of me. I am looking for a wild woman with no inhibitions but primal in her lust. I am handsome man with some fetishes.  You balked at some of my suggestions but I did not know you could pull that streetwalker look for me.  The fact is I am bored with you and I am tired of your incessant nattering. You have grown tiresome on me. Those are the facts but I am willing to give you one last night of desire.”

He said feeling confident that he had displaced her and made her feel like a used tissue. He really couldn’t care less but the fact she had come after all still caused a twitch of excitement.

“Gregory, you’re an asshole and I thank you for your time but once I let the press know that used your authority and abused it because you’re a cop. It will be the end for you. You hardly know what I can do and this is just the tip of the motherfucking iceberg.” Shelly spoke with much gusto with the added benefit of vodka courage.

Gregory stopped drumming his fingers on the table and stared hard at Shelly. He realized that she posed more of a risk than he thought. He seethed on the inside, thinking through his next step to the response to the threat that she made clear. He had assumed he had her under control, all this time he assumed she was woman of dull senses. A woman that needed roses and chocolates 24-7 but what she said sparked fear. The big breasted blonde came over to his table and sat on his lap. He up ended her on her ass. Gregory

looked down at Shelly. He was pissed and she had thrown his game off. The blonde stood there like a dumb waiter waiting for her tip. He threw the fifty dollar bill on the floor and told the whore.

“Pick it up with your teeth, slut.” The stripper looked in fear but she had rough customers before but she had heard stories about this Gregory. She went down on all fours on the filthy floor of the club and opened her mouth to lay a grip on the tip with her teeth. The woman at the table reached down and grabbed her tip. She then took the woman by the arm and helped her up. Shelly then handed her tip and told her to leave tonight in a whisper.

Gregory nor Shelly seen the dirty bum walked into the bar. The stranger that had been trailing her for some reason since she had received the email from Gregory but the question remain whether or not he will commence to the hit. In truth, this stranger was a clean cut individual but he had only dressed the part because he did not want to draw attention to himself.

He had remember the call earlier he had gotten from the cop telling him that he needed to put a bitch out of her misery like she was dog. An animal that becomes injured and needs its suffering to end so that his conscience would be free. A dramatic way to tie up loose ends but before he did accept the contract he wanted more information on the woman. Gregory wouldn’t give him any but he said enough is enough and told the smug motherfucker he would do it. After the cop had hung up on the other end of the phone he reviewed the recording. He always kept his conversations taped for a purpose. He went into the men’s room to wash up and changed his clothing which he had underneath the bum costume. It took the hit man only fifteen minutes to get rid of the filthy clothing and walked back into the strip club. His name was Patrick and he weighed in about 162 pounds and his height is 6’5 so he was taller than Gregory. He changed his mind on doing the hit once he had seen what Shelly had did for the dumb stripper chick.

Gregory was even more pissed off now that Shelly had threatened him but then taken away his enjoyment of demeaning the stupid whore to begin with. Shelly stood toe to toe with her now ex- boyfriend daring him to make a fool of himself in public. He had two choices left to him, to leave the club civilly or strike at her. Gregory was ready to backhand her when Patrick grabbed his arm and twisted his arm behind his back nearly breaking the cop’s wrist.

“Dude, your badge won’t do any you good now that I am here. I suggest you apologize to the woman or I’ll make you sing soprano.”

“This is none of your business; I own this establishment so if you think you can’t tell me how to handle my woman then I’ll handle you.”

“All of you dirty cops are the same—I bet you wash your money here. Now if you want to tango with me—let us take it outside.

At that reply Patrick twisted his arm higher almost pulling it out of the dirty cop’s socket. Gregory hissed and made a low growl as the pain crept up on him like a ghost.

Shelly watch this with interest, not knowing who this Patrick person was but he had grasp the situation quickly and went to put the beat down on Gregory. Gregory could not see the man’s face but he could see the smirk on his ex-girlfriend’s face. He grabbed his drink with his free hand and tossed the liquor into her face.

Shelly surprised him pulling a knife out from her boot. She let it twirled in her hand making it spin. She reached out and grabbed his free hand and with strength that Gregory did not think she had held it down. She began dancing the blade between his fingers making the taps harder and faster with more dexterity in her nimble hand.  The dumb blonde stripper that she had told to leave came back towards the table and flush her eyes out with water and dried her face. She nodded thanks to her and continued the dangerous game with the knife moving faster and faster.

There was no more music playing, the club had gone silent as everyone watched the scene unfold with this strange woman and the man holding the cop in place.  Gregory couldn’t take his eyes off the dance of the blade as it tapped its own rhythm between his fingers nearly missing his fingers each time. The man that once thought he was a terrifying asshole was sweating with anxiety and nervousness. He did not understand but some reason the same game he played with got turned on him.

“Gregory did you honestly think that you could make a hit on me. My dear man, I am something unique and the guy that keeps twisting your arm even higher is with me. You can’t kill an immortal; it always has been fun hunting men like you for sport. I belong to an old race, race older than this city for reasons unknown I am still here. I could be an angel or the devil but I am what I am. I can’t tell you who I am because I am not supposed to exist but yet I do.”

All of sudden the lights dimmed down and came back on. Gregory stood there for a minute trying to get a handle on what just occurred. The man that held his arm was gone along with Shelly. He saw that the knife was gone but none of his fingers missing. He wonders why he was still alive. Then he saw on the table a note. A note from Shelly.

Dear Gregory,

Once you exit this club there will be cops. Your fellow officers here to arrest you for murder, sexual assault and battery. The list goes on my dear vile man. You see, the person you thought would do you the honor to get rid of me for you is not who he is either and he has proof that he sent earlier to the station.

I am not a cold hearted woman, but I am woman just the same but I am also one of those strangers in the night. I could be a creature of evil or good and you just had the taste of both. You will never find me or the other strangers. We move quickly and disappear with the day. I hope you get ass fucked in the big house while you remember our tender sweet moments.



The End

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