'Get Out Of My Life!'

Robb tried to make Lydia move but she wouldn't. She stood there and murmured, "Go away! Leave us alone now!" Then she suddenly shouted, "Get out of my life! Just leave us alone!" she then fell to the floor onto her hands and knees. Robb knelt down next to her and put his arm around her, she shrugged him off then she stood up.

"Lydia what's wrong?" asked Robb anxiously. Lydia stared at him and then looked up at the sky and screamed, "Get away from me! Leave me alone! Robb! Just go!" He watched her as her stomach started to tear open, he began to cry as blood oozed out of her stomach. Her body dropped and so did Robb, he passed out and smashed his head on the concrete pavement.

His blood trickled along the pavement and so did Lydia's, the blood flowed into each other and merged. He came round after a few minutes and he held his head, he seen the blood on his hand and slowly he stood up. Lydia's lifeless body lay in the middle of the pavement covered in thick oozing blood. Robb picked her up in his arms and carried her into a back alley.

Weirdly she woke up and her stomach began to close up, Robb was shocked and so he placed her on the ground. She slowly stood up and put her hand in her pocket, when she pulled it back out she had a small handheld tazer.

The End

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