Devastating Surprise

The ambulance turned up at the scene and so did a police car. The driver of the car went straight over to the cops and admitted to driving way over the speed limit and wrecklessly which led to hitting a pedestrian. The paramedics were tending to Lydia's tarnished body, they checked her pulse and unbelieveably she was still alive.

They quickly got Lydia onto a back board and into the ambulance to get her to hospital. The police got the driver who hit Lydia in the back of the police car and then they walked over to Robb. Who was crying his eyes out on the side of the road, the policemen tried talking to him but he was in shock so the policemen managed to get him into the ambulance with Lydia. Then they left and took the driver to the station.

The paramedics rushed Lydia into the hospital whilst a nurse took out a wheelchair for Robb, to get him into the hospital because he seemed to be in a state of shock and couldn't move himself. He was taken straight to a bed on the ward, whilst Lydia was taken to the resuscitation room, where every seriously injured person is taken to be stabilised.

Surprisingly Lydia was now conscious and aware of everything. She was able to be put straight in the cubicles, where she just needed to be stitched up. After being stitched up she got up and went searching for Robb, she checked all the cubicles on the ward until she finally found him. He was completely zoned out in shock that he just lay on the bed unaware of Lydia's presence.

"Robb come on its time to go home now." whispered Lydia into his right ear. Robb slowly turned his head and then he noticed her, "You're dead how come you're hear in front of me?" whispered Robb in reply to her. She took his hand and then said, "I'm not dead. I just needed something to run my anger down, that's why I stood waiting to be hit by the car. I know that we need to get back and see how Tanya and Linda are."

Robb smiled and then started to get out of the bed. They then both walked out of the hospital hand in hand. As they were walking along the street it began to rain and so Lydia stopped suddenly. "What's wrong? It's only a bit of rain, we've got to get home to Tanya and Linda. Come on." persisted Robb. Lydia took a couple of steps then stopped again.

The End

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