Revealing Truths

The next morning Lydia got up before Robb so that she could go out for a walk. When she stepped outside the gate of Robb's house it began to rain heavily, Lydia looked down the road and there stood in the middle of the road was The Stranger. She walked into the middle of the road and faced him, he started to walk towards her and so she walked towards him too.

Back in the house, Robb woke up and sensed that something wasn't right, he ran down stairs and out the slightl open front door. He noticed Lydia slowly walking along the middle of the road, he couldn't see The Stranger and so he shouted, "Lydia what the hell are you doing? Get off the road and come inside." She completely ignored him and carried on towards The Stranger.

Lydia stopped and The Stranger stopped in front of her, he grabbed her by the throat and raised her up of the floor. Robb seen her raise off the floor but he still couldn't see The Stranger and so he ran and tried to pull Lydia towards the path. Lydia cried, "Don't worry about me. Get my sister and Tanya here now!" in a faint voice. Robb ran to Tanya's house and knocked on the door, Tanya answered the door and so Robb shouted, "Please come you and Linda need to come with me. Lydia needs you both!" Tanya and Linda quickly got dressed and then left the house with Robb. They ran to Robb's house.

Lydia was still raised off the floor in the middle of the road, Tanya stopped quicker than Linda and Robb, she could see The Stranger. "No! Let her go you fiend!" shouted Tanya in despair. Linda and Robb ran over to Tanya and asked her what she could see and she told them. Robb began to cry and wierdly so did Linda. Lydia then swung her arm and dropped to the floor, the presence of her best friend and sister seemed to make her more powerful.

She scurried over to her sister and bit her leg, Linda fell to the floor and so Lydia looked her in the eyes. Linda couldn't see her sisters human eyes, all she could see was bright blood red eyes that seemed to glow in the light. "What is happening to you? Why did you want me me to stare into your eyes?" asked Linda. Lydia tapped her nose and stood up, The Stranger began to get closer so Tanya got everyone back a bit.

Lydia stood still in the path of The Stranger and didn't move an inch. Suddenly Tanya screamed and turned away, at this moment Lydia's head turned as blood splashed from her mouth and eyes. The Stranger kept heading closer to Robb and Linda, but Tanya kept them aware of his position. When Lydia was finally knocked down The Stranger darted at Tanya and flung her into the middle of the road.

Robb and Linda couldn't see him and so he grabbed Linda and started to crush her throat. Lydia got up behid him and booted him off of her, she fell to the floor, weakened and tired. Lydia was also weakened but tried not to show it. The only trouble was that her eyes changed colour showing that she had weakened from the attack on her sister. Her sister and Robb walked along the path towards where Tanya lay.

"Watch out! Robb jump now!" screamed Lydia, Robb jumped but instead of The Stranger getting him, he got Linda instead. He ripped her back open, weakening Lydia even more. She ran straight at The Stranger and fought the best she could. He managed to slice her stomach but she managed to get him to retreat. Robb was ripping his top to cover Linda's back up, whilst Lydia was picking Tanya up to take her inside Robb's house. Robb carried Linda into his house and Lydia followed with Tanya over her shoulder.

Robb sat Linda in the chair and Lydia placed Tanya on the sofa. Lydia then left the house again, Robb ran out after her but she pushed him away and said, "Go back inside! I don't want you near me at the moment!" He walked up to her and put his hand on her shoulder and whispered, "I'm here for you, now come inside and let me tend to that cut on your stomach." Lydia shrugged him off and walked out into the middle of the road. Robb looked at her and she shouted, "I knew he would show up again! I knew he was nearby the other night when I came to you soaking wet! I didn't want to worry you!" He smiled at her and then went inside the house.

She looked up into the sky and then he eyes began to bleed. As they did her eyes returned to normal, unaware that she was stood in a bad place she heard a car come speeding around the corner. You stood and stared at it as it sped straight towards her, Robb looked out the window and seen the car approaching Lydia at a high speed and so he ran to the door and ran out the gate. Lydia looked at him and he froze, the car hit Lydia flying 6m across the ground. The car stopped immediately after hitting her.

Robb began to cry as he looked at her still lying body on the road in a pool of fresh blood. He couldn't even step anywhere he just fell to the floor in devastation. What was she tying to prove by standing waiting to be hit? The bloke in the car that hit Lydia got out and ran over to her, he checked for a pulse then called for an ambulance.

Lydia seemed to be so sure that she would be alright that she just stood waiting to be hit. Her head was smashed open and she was covered from head to toe in blood. Robb was devastated and the driver of the car was upset from the guilt.

The End

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