A Fight Concluded

The door finally shattered into splinters under the force of the creature’s strength and it released a triumphant battle cry as it burst into the bathroom. It clicked its claws together and snickered evilly at the seemingly empty room.

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” it called, “You can’t escape me Adrian Nox and you know you can’t kill me. If you surrender yourself, I promise I’ll make your death quick.”

From behind the shower curtain, Adrian could only see the shadow of the beast but he could hear every grotesque sound it uttered. He stood perfectly still, afraid to breathe lest it shatter the unnatural silence. The sound of his own heartbeat pounded in his ears. He waited with the uneasy feeling that no one was fooled by his attempted subterfuge.

Without warning, the monster lunged directly for the shower but, blinded by the curtain, collided with the tile wall. Adrian dashed out of the bathroom, grabbing a large shard of the broken door on his way out. An angry screech followed him and he wondered how a creature that couldn’t stand high-pitched noises could love the sound of his own voice so much. It bolted across the main room and exploded into the kitchen where Adrian stood ready to face it. Its chest heaved for air as its bulging eyes scanned him. A cut on its head began to heal at an astonishing speed.

“It appears I’ve underestimated you, Mr. Nox,” it sneered, “but no more of this nonsense. Its time to end this foolish game.”

“What? Had enough?” Adrian shot back, “In that case I’ll gladly accept your full surrender.” A mirage of a smile flashed across his face.

“How dare you mock me!” The creature roared as he charged straight at his opponent. And straight into his trap. Adrian took one quick step to the side. Before the creature could redirect its strike, he swung the splinter and cracked it in the head, causing it to stumble forward into the wide-open oven. He slammed the door shut on the monster’s torso and threw his weight against it to prevent the monster’s escape.

“You can survive guns and knives. Let’s see how you do with this,” he told it as he turned on the heat. The creature let out a cry of pain and desperately tried to claw Adrian but managed only a few minor scratches.

“You’ll pay for this!” it screamed.

“Somehow, I doubt that,” Adrian murmured. Slowly, the monster’s thrashes and screams became twitches and whimpers until it wasn’t moving at all. But Adrian refused to move, worried that this indestructible creature was just biding its time. And so he stood, leaning against the oven door with half of an unearthly, seemingly dead, monster dangling out and that was how he was twenty minutes later when Belle arrived

The End

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