The Strange Story of Adrian Nox

Adrian Nox, a man who works as a government assassin, gets recruited by a mysterious organization to fight monsters that threaten the lives of normal citizens. But not everything is like it seems. Adrian's team is ambushed on an important mission, revealing that there is a traitor in their midst.

The Curious Case of Eugene Banks

Adrian Nox stared down the barrel of his gun and into the pleading eyes of Eugene Banks, who was about to be the former Eugene Banks. His finger twitched on the trigger but he hesitated to pull it. This was because he was facing a problem unlike any other he had ever faced in his three years as a government commissioned killer. Eugene Banks had a duplicate. Cowering on the ground before him were two people identical down to the last detail. Same terrified voice, same horrified expression, same plain gray suit, same wire-rimmed glasses. As far was Adrian could tell, they were the same person but only one of them could be the real Eugene Banks.

Adrian’s dark eyes narrowed in frustration as they darted back and forth between the two. His window for escape was rapidly closing. This operation had been planned down to the last second. If he deliberated too long, he would be trapped but if he killed the wrong person, he would be fired.

“Which one of you is Eugene Banks?” he demanded.

“I am,” they replied in unison.

“I’m not messing around. Which one of you is the real Eugene Banks?” 

“I am,” they both answered.

“I’ll kill you both. I swear to God I will,” Adrian threatened.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Mr. Nox.” One of the Eugene Banks’ bolted to his feet with almost inhuman speed. Before Adrian could react, he crossed the room and grabbed Adrian’s wrist, twisting the gun towards the ceiling. Adrian threw his free elbow into Eugene’s face, sending him sprawling onto the floor. Without a moment’s hesitation, he pulled the trigger. The sound of the gunshot echoed in the office as the bullet plunged into Eugene’s stomach. He doubled over, clutching his stomach as the blood poured out. Adrian heard the door open behind him and spun around just in time to see it close. The other Eugene Banks had seized the opportunity to escape

At that moment, the fire alarm released its shrill wail. Adrian swore under his breath. He was supposed to be out of the building by now. Hiding his gun in his coat, he turned to leave when the body of Eugene Banks began to sputter and jolt as though it were having a seizure. It appeared as though giant insects were crawling under his skin, moving towards the wound in his stomach. As Adrian watched, the wound began to heal and was completely gone in a matter of seconds. The man’s hand contracted but when Adrian glanced up at the face, it was no longer that of average-looking lawyer Eugene Banks. It was transformed into a different person completely. The stranger’s golden eye met Adrian’s and the man who was formerly Eugene Banks mouthed three words:

“I’ll get you.”

The End

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