From a Room in the Inn

Dear Diary,

I am sorry for leaving you in such a hurry. I was right: the boy did come over to talk to me. I suppose 'boy' is not the right description, since he is nineteen, tall and handsome. His hair is shaggy and dark, his eyes the deepest black. Oh, I am getting butterflies just thinking about him!

He has the muscled appearance of one who has been working hard since youth. He's a soldier, you see. Arsgath is the name of this country and it supposedly spreads far and wide. The nation is at a time of peace, but there is always political turmoil brewing.

We took a little walk and he was fascinated as to my heritage. I told him my village was far away and I made up a name. He hadn't heard of it, of course, but what else could I do? I hope he doesn't try to find out about the false village and uncover my lie. I do enjoy his company.

Most of our conversation was mundane, but I could not be too pressing. It would look suspicious. I will find out more about this place tomorrow. I had planned on returning home, but he insisted on buying me a room here. If I disappeared now, it would look very strange. So, I will stay the night and try to visit Jane as soon as I can. She will love to hear all about this adventure!

I do hope you enjoy it here.

Until I return with histories to tell,


The End

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