From 'The Seventh Snake'

Dear Diary,

I quickly found my way out of the forest. On the other side were stretches of golden wheat fields and a farmer tilling. He saw me and immediately walked over. He seemed an amiable man, tall and greying and lined from his work in the sun. I told him that I was on a journey north and had become lost in the woods. He offered to take me to the nearby town.

It wasn't a very long walk and the man seemed interesting. The poor thing lost his wife to disease a few years back, but he has four healthy children and they mean the world to him. Apparently, I reminded him of his eldest daughter, who is off and married now. He asked a bit about where I was from, but was not too pressing about the matter.

We arrived at a town called Bellford. It was small but bustling with trade and carts. I was not really sure where to go, so I asked for the local inn. If I stay here, it will be helpful to have somewhere to sleep. So, here I am. The inn is called 'The Seventh Snake' but I cannot imagine where they got that name from. It is dark and cramped but perfectly snake free. I am sipping on some strange drink they call 'Spice' and it tastes like an orange cider -- not unpleasant, though. I do get some strange looks because of my clothes, but no one has tried to speak to me yet. I must go shopping in order to blend in.

Wait, a young man keeps glancing this way. I do believe he plans on coming over to speak with me. I can find out more from him, but I must put you away. What would he think if he got a glimpse of your contents? That I am crazy, no doubt!

Until a more private time,


The End

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