From Somewhere

Dear Diary,

We have just crossed to the other side of the river. It is just as I described; my eyes were not playing tricks. You are just as dry as if we never stepped into the river.

When I got here, I swore I saw that strange man, but he quickly hid if he was ever here at all. Why does he keep appearing? I get a sense of welcome from him, despite his odd behaviour.

It seems still and quiet here. The time of day has not much changed, so I assume this place works on a similar clock as across the river - home? Dear, I do not even know where I am! Why do I sit and write in the diary instead of exploring? I am scared, I suppose. Things like this just don't happen to real people.

But maybe there is a reason for me being here. All of the great characters in the stories always get brought to other worlds for a reason. Perhaps I have a purpose and it is my job to find it.

I will tell my tale through you. Let's leave the woods behind now. I do hope the people here are friendly.

With you,


The End

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