From the Other Side of Somewhere

Dear Diary,

How do I begin to explain this? I am fascinated and more than a bit shaken up. I just left you, not too long ago, under a tree by the river. It took some work but I finally managed to use a large branch to get across the water.

It was cool and deep like I expected, but when I got to the other side the strangest thing happened. The forest was suddenly much brighter. The trees had changed, too. They were taller and all different lovely shades of gold. When I looked back, the trees across the river were golden, too. And there was no sign of you at all!

The sun was streaming through more than it had been before and I could tell that the other edge of the forest must be nearby. When I came out of the water I was completely dry. I wanted to look at what was beyond the trees desperately, but then I saw the man. He stared at me and shook his head. Then he pointed back across the river, so I headed back to you. I was afraid.

As soon as I stepped into the river, the forest changed back to how it is now - short, dense trees, very dark and green. The man is gone. I have to go back, but I need to take you with me.

For now, until I have a chance to write again,


The End

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