From the River Bank

Dear Diary,

It has taken quite some time, but I have finally decided that you are male. I can't see you playing sports or anything like that, but I still think you would be a man if you existed. Goodness, do I sound crazy or what? I hope nobody reads this and wonders if I am off my rocker.  I personify things every now and then. Is that so bad?

The last couple of days have been uneventful, but you must know that since you were with me. I ran into town for milk and I saw no sign of that man. Maybe he was just visiting. I think too much about it, I suppose.

The river here is just beautiful. It's almost sad that no one can see it because of the woods. It looks deep and a bit cold, but I am sure I could get across it. The water is calm, after all. I will keep thinking about the best way to get across. It might work to throw in a large branch and use it to float. I can swim, but it's better to be safe than sorry, as Mother always says.

Until I get across the river,


The End

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