From Behind the Pink Rose Bush

Dear Diary,

How do you like your new bag? Now, you can come with me all of the time. I am sure it becomes rather boring for you, just waiting around the house.

It was just lovely in town. I found a coffee shop with delicious hot chocolate and sweets. There is a bakery just across the street as well. I bought your bag in a little thrift shop and it looks almost new! I do hope you like it.

I caught a glimpse of that strange man again but he disappeared. I suppose he might just live near here and now he is worried about scaring me. It's no matter, since I spoke with Jane and she told me to stop being ridiculous. She's right - he is nothing but an odd fellow. I might seem odd to him, always smiling and waving.

Next time I am going to take you to the river I found just inside of the forest. One day, when I feel a bit braver, I will venture across it to explore the woods. I really have not ventured very far. Who knows what is hiding in there?

Next time,


The End

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