From the Attic

Dear Diary,

I have been wondering: are you male or female? Well, technically speaking, you are neither. But to me it is as if you have a personality. I will have to think about it, I suppose.

I arrived at Jane's house late last night and the children had long since been asleep. Jane and Aston were ever so happy to see me. They had soup warming on the stove and all.

With so many children they are quite low on space, so I will be sleeping in the attic. This is where I write to you from. It's a bit dusty up here but I have my own mattress with lovely cotton sheets. It is nice to have a place to hide away and write, but soon I want to explore the countryside. There are hills and streams and forests waiting for me.

Before I forget, I did end up speaking to that strange man. I said "Hello, my name is Asphodel. Where are you heading?" All he did was put up a finger, as if asking me to wait a moment. Then he got up and left the compartment. I stood to see where he went but he was gone from sight. I never saw him again. I suppose he must not be the sociable sort but I felt as if he could have at least said hello!

Well, it makes no difference to me. I am off to speak with Jane and explore. You can come with me sometime if I find a nice place to write.

Until then,


The End

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