From the Train

Dear Diary,

I am on the train to Jane's house as we speak, or write. Whichever it is!

Train rides are ever so fun because there are so many people to speak with and places to see. I grabbed a chocolate from the snack bar and chatted to a very handsome young man. I also talked to a crazy old lady who has knitted a hundred hats this year alone, but no mittens or scarves. Very strange.

Perhaps most strange is the man who is sharing this cabin with me. He keeps staring as if I am familiar to him. I do not really feel threatened, but the man himself is a bit scary. He has on a bowler hat with a bright red ribbon around it, a black peacoat, and red leather pants! Who has ever heard of such a thing? This isn't London, it's the country! He also wears little round sunglasses, even indoors. I thought he might be blind but he keeps peaking over them to look at me. He also has a very crooked nose.

Oh, well, there are plenty of queer folk roaming about. Perhaps I am just not used to these encounters. He seems nice enough so I might talk to him before the trip ends.

Until next time,


The End

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