The Strange Diary of Asphodel

This is the diary of Asphodel, a long forgotten young woman with a strange tale to tell.

The clouds were dark and pouring on the day that I found the diary. I was staying at Nana's house with Mom, Dad, and my brother. Nana is a wiley one and used her "Positively Perfect Pumpkin Pie" to convince my brother and I to clean up the house. Both the attic and the basement had to be organized. Naturally, I chose the attic. Everyone knows that basements are full of spiders, snakes, and murderers.

Cleaning was going as cleaning does when I came across a lovely little book. It was a dark leather diary with a silver clasp. There were no words on the front or back, but the yellowed pages were filled. The script was small and written in deep red ink. Fascinated, I took it down to show Mom and Nana.

Neither one of them had ever seen it. They didn't find it very interesting, either. Nana told me to keep it, but I suspect she just wanted me to stop talking so she could watch TV. Regardless of her reasoning, I was ecstatic.

I rushed through finishing the attic and curled up in a dusty corner. I began to read the diary and it seemed typical at first, but soon things began to get very strange. I am going to start typing up the diary for you, so that you can see what I mean.

Some might think that this young woman had an imagination, but I choose to believe that the events she describes are real. Maybe one day I will find out for myself.

Until then, see what you think...

The End

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