The princess calls a trainer and betrays the rabbit.

The Princess bellowed into the air, "Forsouk!  Tallajah!" and two burly men carrying whips materialized as if from nowhere.  Emblazoned on their helmets was the Royal Crest, indicating their status as Imperial Trainers Elite, the highest of the order.

"Madam Highness?"

The Princess pointed to the rabbit at the edge of the path and said, "This creature has not been trained; it is rustic."

At first the men looked at the rabbit uncomprehendingly.  How in the King's name could one of these little critters have entered the Royal Zoo?  There were no more wild animals anywhere near the Kingdom Grounds.  Forsouk bent over and plucked the little gray rabbit from the grass, at which point the little fellow became quite agitated, "Now see here!  Unhand me, you gigantic oaf!"

Forsouk was so surprised to hear the animal speak, he dropped the rabbit and took a wary step back.

Tallajah, his eyes wide, whispered in holy reverence, "An Aborigine!"

"Well don't let it traipse all over my Royal Garden, you two," The Princess commanded, "scoop him up and throw him in the dungeon, or the circus, or whatever.  I won't allow any animal to disrespect me inside my own zoo.  Teach him the proper protocols of interacting with royalty; I want to see him bow and wink at me by the end of the week."

"Princess, please!  Listen to me!" the rabbit pleaded, but the two Imperial Trainers Elite encircled the poor little rodent and caught him in a net.  The rabbit was hopelessly tangled and knew that struggling would only endanger him further, so he rested as comfortably as he could in the crook of Tallajah's arm and glowered at The Princess.

"Respect must be earned, Princess.  Know that I will never bow to one undeserving of that honor."

The End

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