The Strange Adventures of Lisa B.

Once-upon-a-time, in a land that is a thousand leagues and 16 days from here, in a big castle that bustled with guards and maids, lived a little princess. She had so many toys, that she needed a whole room for them. Outside, the princess had a very impressive zoo all to her self. There she had all the creatures big and small known to man. They sat in golden cages and when the princess passed by they were trained to smile. The little princes never had to do chores, or even dress her self, she had a personal maid who dressed her and fed her from a little golden spoon. But this particular princess was not happy. I know it seems odd for a girl that has everything to be unhappy, but as you may already know; there is more to life then just trinkets.

One day the princess decided  to take a walk in the royal garden when she heard a rustle in the rose bush...

The End

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