The Strange

A series of strange murders have been taking place lately in a small city, and a detective named Dallas McIntyre will stop at nothing to apprehend the murderer, With the help of a family member of a previous victim. But unfortunately for the detective things aren't as they seem.

It was a cold cloudy day, the rain had stopped a little while ago leaving the cemetery dripping and damp. The grey clouds still loomed over head, threatening to start it’s onslaught of rain once again. The whether was perfect, especially for the funeral that was about to take part. Black cars lined up on the narrow gravel road, as the occupants that had driven them began to exit there vehicles and started to head over to the rows of chairs that faced a beautifully built wooden coffin, that had various types of flowers on the lid. Woman, cried as there husbands laid a comforting hand on there shoulders, and children that were to young to understand, sat quietly in there chairs wondering what was going on. Only one girl, sat there quietly as the priest finished his prayer and signalled for the casket to lowered into it’s final resting place. The women sitting next to the calm girl, stud up abruptly, as she sobbed and begged to a god that could not hear. She sobbed and begged for the return of her husband , to no avail. Calmly the girl, got up and approached the woman, gently she helped the sobbing woman up from the kneeling position she had adorned. Dallas McIntyre watched the scene before him with compassionate eyes as he walked closer to the funeral. He guessed as he approached the group of mourning friends and family, that the sobbing woman was Melissa Martin the widow of the deceased, and the seemingly calm teenage girl that held her was the only child, Samantha. This was the part Dallas hated about his job, as he approached the two females that remained in an embrace, he noticed that when Samantha saw him, she looked surprised… almost frightened. 

“Hello, I’m detective McIntyre” Dallas introduced himself, as he pulled out his badge and showed it. To his surprise the two women remained still as if they hadn’t heard him. He was about to repeat himself when Samantha spoke up.

“Hey, Mom why don’t we get going.” She said calmly, as she retracted herself from the embrace.

Wiping tears from around her puffy red eyes the older woman nodded, “Okay.” she spoke hoarsely, as she turned and walked passed the surprised detective without even sparring him a glance. Dallas watched confusedly as Ms. Martin walked to a black car, acting as if he had not addressed her. Turning back to the daughter that had remained behind he was mildly surprised when she glared up at him.

“What do you want?” she asked venomously as she glared heatedly up at him. Blinking he pulled out his police badge again. 

“My name is detective McIntyre, and I wanted to speak to your mother about the murder of her husband.” He replied evenly as he stared back at the teenager. He pondered why the girl looked so surprised with his answer, she looked at him confusedly than looked to the crowd of people that were getting in their cars.

“Sorry, but she doesn’t want to talk to the police about it.” Samantha said lamely as she cast an eerie glance at the detective. Sighing in compassion he reached into his work coat pocket and pulled out a business card and handed it to the girl.

“Here, this is my business card it has my number on it, give it to your mother and tell her to call me when she feels like talking about it.” Dallas advised as the girl hesitantly took the card. Casting a strange look at the girl, Dallas took his leave. As he walked further down the road to his car, Dallas looked up at one of the passing cars. Staring at him from the window of the passing car was Samantha, she stared at him with a slight frown as if wondering why he was there. It confused Dallas, but one thing was for sure there was something strange going on with that girl. 


The End

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