Ending of The rain of Fire

Once that deed had been preformed she turned her attention to the heavens , and to the ever-present onslaught of fire apon her shield. She gazed at the fire, and through the fire, and her gaze penetrated the sky itself until her gaze rested, without a doubt, on the very gods themselves.

Now reputations have little effect on Gods, they believe them to be easily formed and rarely well deserving. So as they looked apon this one, tiny woman that stood in their way they had no fear. But such is the might of The Lady Cha that even the very gods themselves felt the raw power that her gaze weilded. And althought hey did not know what manner of being stood before them, they realised that it was not to be taken lightly. And so as she stood there The Gods turned all they're attention onto her, and listen closely when she chose to speak.

"No. This will not happen. Not here and not now. These people, these people you direct your anger apon, they are mine and you will NOT touch them" She continued to stand there, staring down the Gods themselves, and so great was her rage and her power that the Gods fled from her, and from the wrath they might evoke if they continued with their actions."

"Now that children, is a story a storyteller might tell you. All about the might and goodness of she that calls herself Cha of the Al'Khi. But I have never witnessed a petty God, nor even a God that cared of the actions of His people at all! And what use does a fire have for a reputation might I add! but enough of an old mans complaints, I imagine you want to hear the other version of events, my version."

The End

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