Beginning of The rain of fire

"And one day the Gods looked apon the village of NahShiDraie, and saw the great happiness and joy the people had, and the Gods grew jealous and hateful.

"How can they be so happy when they do not even know of us, the Great Gods, how can they achieve such joy without our divine intervention?"

"How dare they forget us! Us?!! We who guide man, us, in all our glory!!"

And in their spite they cast down a rain of fire onto the village, whose only crime was to enjoy life.

The village could offer little protection from the rain of fire. The villagers themselves knew little in the ways of magic and thus could not protect themselves. And that is when it happened, when she who calls herself Cha of the Al'Khi, who monitors at all times the people under her protection. She had witnessed the creulty, the arrogance and the selfishness of the gods and it angered her. She immediantly appered in the centre of the village and in her glorious wisdom she did cast a shield over the village, to shelter them from the blaze still falling from sky. Then she stood, just stood, while all around her chaos was happening. The fire that had already fallen had caused a lot of damage to the buildings and much panic to the villagers. As she stood she let her gaze travel over the buildings currently on fire, and such was her reputation that even the fire itself backed down. Slowly it burned less brightly, less intensly, and eventually winked themselves out, prefering non-existance to the wrath of the Lady Cha Al'Khi.

The End

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