The day fire rained down from the sky

The next day around noon the old man went back to his spot just off the market place. He waited patiently, and after a while a few curious faces gathered around him. They belonged to the children of the townspeople, they seemed curious of the old man and really, what child can resist a good story?

"Now" said the old man "I think its about time I introduced myself to you children, I am known as the stroyweaver, and I travel around telling stories to all who will listen. However, what is important to remember is that my strories are different to that of the average story-teller. The average story-teller twists events so fully that not much of the actual event can be detected by the time their done. I however, always try to tell you what I believe to be the truth. In fact, I think I have the perfect example to show you what I mean." He smiled warmly at his audience. "Now, the first version of this tale will be the story-tellers version, then I'll give you my version, which is really very different in almost all respects. And then you can go away and think on what you think to be the truth."

"But what story are you gonna tell!" Exclaimed a child

"Oh! Is it of how the Al'Khi got their powers?!!"

"Or how Cha Al'Khi defeated the gods?" Squealed a small child

"I fear not children, now settle down and I will tell you of my story." As the children quietened down he said with a smile "This is a story of the day fire rained down from the sky"

The End

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