Who is this man?

"He stops at the local inn, a small, but reputable establishment. Now it may surpise on-lookers that soon after entering the inn, he came back out with a new set of clothes, a haircut and a room for the next few nights. Now, the clothes were second hand, the room wan't the nicest of places he had stayed at and the haircut? Well, the less said the better, but never-the-less it was a great improvement, and all that he both desired, and required. But how exactly did he achieve this? I hear you cry. Could he maybe be a prince sent to exile, with a hidden stash of golden coins? Or maybe a fabled demon, with eyes that could charm the meanest spinstress into giving up her fortune? Well, I'm afraid my young friends that it was nothing so exciting. In fact all the old man did was to spin a story to the innkeepers wife, the sweetest story you could ever hear, about how she reminded the poor old man, so weary and spent from his travels of a beautiful young maiden of old. Now-"

"But her nose is all bent" interrupted a small voice, belonging to one of the children gathered around the old mans feet. He was sat a little ways from the market, with a small gathering of children before him, and a few curious mothers just within earshot.

"Ahh, but it was not the features of her mortal flesh that reminded him of the maiden, but the sight of her spirit, now the spirit retains ones true beauty, it holds fast and true and cannot be affected by that of the material plane, but shows ones true self and shines brightly" The old man told the children, with a twinkle in his eye

"But whats so good about a story?" Another child demanded

"What's so good young sir? Why whats not good about a story? Should it be well woven and delivered in the proper manner a story can extract a wealth of emotion from ones audience. I myself have witnessed a great amount of stories, and I have seen the power that they hold. And you would do well young man to not underestimate it" He smiled at the children " Anyways, young ones, that is how i managed to obtain a new set of clothes from the wonderful woman at the inn. Now you better be off, I think we have been keeping your mothers for far to long, but come back later and I may well show you what a well spun story can do." With that he stood and walked over to the inn, eager to rest his weary body after such a long travel.

The End

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