The Story-Weaver

Bascially exploring a different world through the stories of an old man. A lot of magic, and a lot of different characters involved.

One day, into the quiet town of Strone strode an elderly man. Despite his, weathered, raggedy clothing, and the great distances he had travelled, he had a fast, yet dignified pace. His appearance is that of a filthy beggar-man and he seems quite out of place in the quiet, bright town of Strone. As he passes the somewhat surprised townspeople he appears not to notice the way they seem to avoid the old man, and avert they're gaze from his worn appearance. Yet dispite the reaction to him, or perhaps, because of it, he walks with both pride and dignity and those who observe him notice a certain, aura of nobility he seems to carry with him.

On he marches, head held high, with a great sense of purpose, towards the centre of the town where he finds a market. Not the largest market he has seen on his travels, and yet a great deal larger than the smaller ones he has seen. The town itself does not oftern see travellers, and has rarely seen any man with such an appearance as the old man. Strone is a place to stop at, briefly, enjoy the quiet scenery perhaps, and then quickly move on toward to city lights. An out of the way, secluded town that attracted little attention. Before him children ran amok in the street, while the women scurried around the market, performing all the small, but essentail jobs required for daily life, while apparently attempting to ignore the actions of their offspring.

He smiles.



This is it, this is what he was searching for, he had found a place to call home, at least for now.

The End

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