Occupational Hazards

The more Sam escaped, the harder escaping became.  You see, the people Sam escaped from managed to communicate with other groups, telling them how he escaped the last time.  Thus, each time he was captured, there was one more escape route blocked off, one way or another.

But he had still managed to get out every time.

Until now.

He was once again captured, but this time it was unintentional on his part.  He had been captured because of a government spying mission.  With such a high position, he had a lot of important information in his confidence.  After he had gotten back to the D.C. area from his latest mission and was heading home on his motorcycle (yes, he had a motorcycle license despite being nonexistent and one-eyed), he was ambushed and kidnapped.  It was the perfect time for it as he had just finished a long, tiring mission and therefore was sore and not at the top of his game.  Despite being the best escape artist there was, one weary man was no match for ten unexpected ambushers.

The End

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