Square One

Brandon sat languidly in his high-backed chair, picking at his half-eaten supper.  Alistair, who also sat at the small circular table, looked on in dismay.

"Is Your Highness not hungry?"

Brandon shrugged his shoulders.

"Is there something that can be fetched for My Lord?" Alistair attempted again.

Brandon closed his eyes and gave one shake of his head in decline.

"Is His Greatness feeling tired?" Alistair tried again.

"Oh, for pity's sake!" inserted Roary, "Just tell us what happened!"

Brandon, a little taken aback by Roary's abruptness, finally explained what had happened at East Side Thayer's Pub.

"So, we're exactly where we started," Roary stated.

The three of them pondered in silence for a moment. Then, Alistair clapped his hands and piped, "Well! At the very least, we are no worse off than we were before!" Lowering his voice, he said, "It was certainly worth a try, My Lord."

Brandon grunted.

Alistair tried his best to carry on the conversation, one-sided, in the hopes of some progress. "It is unfortunate, as you say, My Lord, that you did not have a chance to inquire into King Guire's plans. Some insight about his plans for the Dragons would have been most useful. So far, he has taken over much of Igladia quite successfully with the use of his armies and soldiers.  Therefore, he must have a greater plan for the Dragons that he has captured and forced to his will." He paused for a moment, waiting for a response from Brandon. "Don't you agree?" he attempted feebly.

Brandon did not seem interested in discussing the matter, as he placed his forhead heavily upon the round wooden table.

Just then, there was a sharp rap on the large door.  The three occupants inside the room jumped to attention.  Alistair began to grumble about being disturbed before swinging the door open wide.

Before them stood a stern looking Senny, much sterner than usual, in fact.

"Yes, Chief Grandon? What is it?" Alistair inquired.

"Mr. Monk, we seem to have an...issue. Two, in fact." Senny shifted a little uncomfortably. "We have in our possession two intruders upon the castle.  The two were aprehended and brought into the castle for questioning.  They are not heavily armed, nor do they appear to be an immediate danger to the current situation."

"Well, what's the problem then?" Alistair asked.

Senny cleared his throat. "They say they have information. And they refuse to speak to anyone but the King."

A rigid look came across Alistair's face.  Behind him, Brandon's ears perked at the mention of his title.

Alistair turned to Brandon, "My Lord? Do you wish to speak to the intruders?"

Brandon thought about it for a second, while Senny continued to provide what little information he had about their visitors.

"They say they have been travelling for two days without rest.  By the looks of the two of them, they speak the truth." Beneath his breath, Brandon could hear Senny mutter words that sounded remarkably like 'grubby', 'smelly' and 'mongrels'. "They are brothers, if I am not mistaken, Sire.  They both go by the name of Mightford."

"So, My Lord?" Alistair asked again.

Brandon stood, pushing away his uneaten meal. "Why not?"

The End

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