The Mightford's Mission & Brandon's Orders

Lance shifted uneasily. His reckless brother Chris was really starting to grind his gears. They were here, after all. Chris Mightford was barely a man, 21 years of age, and already a great alchemist. He would speak of mercury and manganese and black aurichalcum, all of which flew straight over Lance's admittedly thick head.

Lance likened himself a 'free lance hero', no pun intended. A self proclaimation that met everyone with confusion. When he could be bothered, he'd lumber his muscular frame from village to village, mainly to flex his arms and impress the women. Yet he still could walk the walk when he needed to. It's just unfortunate, as Chris had often noted in his mind, that Lance had the brain capacity of an Igladian Catfish.

Lance had begrudgingly accompanied his brother on this mission, to keep him safe, more than anything. Even though he was a little slow, there was no getting around the fact in Lance's mind, that this was just...

"Insane. Completely insane!" Lance hissed through the trees at Chris.

"Insanity is relative. It depends who has who locked in what cage, my brother." Chris shot back, as they reached the end of the forest, glaring fearlessly ahead.

"They won't just LET you give them this potion you've concocted!" Lance breathed, sweating a little and trying not to make his constant glances foward too obvious.

"Either way, it's worth a shot." Chris replied simply, stopping at an opening that looked down a large mountainside. "There it is." He said proudly, looking at Lance with a wild, crazy yet almost heroic look in his eyes, grinning boyishly.

The Ruby River.

"We have to go back. I mean..." Lance haltered for a second. "Sure, I've dealt with dragons before but, this is...this is suicide brother."

Chris' face became serious and he patted Lance on the shoulder, in a manner that defied the fact that Chris was the young one here.

"Brother, you can be the King of Igladia, or a simple street sweeper, but in the end, everyone dances with the Grim Reaper."

*     *     *


Brandon sat down, breathing heavily.

"Well what are we going to do?" Brandon uttered hoarsely.

"Well My Lord, we were hoping you would give us instruction." Senny replied, looking as though Brandon had asked such a strange question.

"WHAT?!" Brandon cried. "How am I supposed to know what to...oh God...this is not good. I mean, shall I just say "Oh, round up the troops and brace all the doors, get archers on the roof"?!' He rambled crazily, feeling sick.

Senny looked at Jaina in disbelief. She smiled, apparently too much as she quickly withdrew it. Senny shook his head at her.

"Genius." He stated. "Brilliant. Thank you my Lord!" And with that he sweeped out of the room and began bellowing orders.

"Brace the doors!! Get archers on the roof!!"

Brandon turned to Roary and then to Jaina.

"He's kidding, right?"

The End

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