The Time for Tactics

"My Lord,"  A commanding voice from inside the great hall reached Brandon's ears as he stood on the balcony, shaking him from his reverie. 

Brandon turned and walked back inside, Jaina following close behind.  Across the room, a man made his way towards Brandon.  He was tall and muscular, a stern look upon his face.  He wore a uniform of some sort, decorated with strange coloured metals and pins.  At his side, he wore a long scabbard,  which undoubtedly sheathed an equally long sword.  He walked briskly until coming to an abrupt stop before the King.  Giving a bow of his head, he said, "It is good to finally meet you, your Highness.  Allow me to introduce myself as Senny Grandon, Son of Robik Grandon, Chief Officer in command and head of your Highness' royal army and fleet." He bowed once again.

"Oh, pleasure to meet you, Senny."  Brandon stuck out his hand for a shake but quickly withdrew when Senny regarded it a little confusedly. 

"There are many things to discuss, my Lord, about the upcoming war. Perhaps we can--"

"War?!"  Brandon exclaimed before being able to control himself. "No one said anything about a war.  Trouble, yes. War?  No mentioin of war; I'm sure I would have remembered something like that..."  Brandon continued to ramble as Alistair began ushering him out of the great hall.  The situation was becoming a bit much for the poor King.

"Tiffy, see if you can't find out when tonight's meal will be ready.  In the mean time, The King needs to conference with Commander Senny." Alistair said, his hands planted firmly on Brandon's shoulders, directing him along, as Brandon continued to mutter under his breath.

Tiffy ran out of the hall, with Commander Senny, Alistair and Brandon following.  Roary trotted along also, leaving Jaina and Clover standing in the hall, neither particularly pleased with the King at the moment.

The three soon found themselves sitting comfortably around a small table in a dimly lit room.  Roary settled himself on the brick hearth before the fire.  Brandon drank thankfully from a chalice of strong wine.

"As I've said, there is to be a war." Senny continued with his explanation.  "In your absence, I have taken the liberty to follow through with some necessary planning.  I hope your Highness does not object."

"Wait, I thought there was some trouble with the Dragons and some silly river.  Why is there going to be a war?"

Commander Senny visibly paled at the King's lack of knowledge. "My Lord, the dragons have lost all senses, it is true.  But it is not because they chose to drink from the Ruby River themselves.  They were tricked and are now being controlled to be used as a means to take over your kingdom."  He continued cautiously, as Brandon's expression remained blank from disbelief. "As a means of preparation, I have readied the armies and fleets. I have also called upon some old friends for help; perhaps you saw the great ship on the horizon?  They have responded to our call of aid and are on their way."

Brandon turned to Alistair for some sort of assent.  Alistair nodded his head grimly.

The Commander continued, "So far, the lands to the far east have already been siezed, as well as some to the north.  We believe the next strike will be just beyond the Fray Mountains.  We had planned on sending our soldiers there, first, if your Majesty so chooses, of course."

"But...but..." Brandon stuttered.  This is not the sort of conversation he had been expecting to have today, as he had sat, enjoying his Froot Loops this morning. "I mean, who?  Who is the one behind it all?"

Senny turned his head and made a spitting gesture. "Begging your pardon, my Lord.  I do not even wish to speak the name, but of course, I must tell you."

The End

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