A Little Bit of Magic

By now, the very small conference room with the very large, round table was becoming quite crowded.

Just a few minutes ago, only three of them stood in the small space. Now, eight people struggled to occupy it (Seven people and a dog, Brandon noted to himself).

"Alright Tiffy, get on with it; cure the poor fellows," Brandon instructed.

Tiffy followed suit and did something similar to what Jaina had done, but with much less grace.

Stepping forward, she stuck her fingers in Chris' mouth and pried it open unceremoniously. "Let's see," she talked into the cave that was his mouth. "Hmm, indeed!" She poked and prodded his tongue for what seemed like an hour, while he, in turn, stood, shifting his eyes, and mostly tried not to drool on her.

"Well?" Brandon inquired.

Tiffy pulled her face from Chris' mouth. "Jaina was right; powerful magic, this."

"Can you fix them?" Brandon wagged his finger between the two boys.

"I reckon I might. Everyone stand back now." Everyone plastered themselves against the stone wall of the room, save for Roary, who planted himself quite firmly behind Alistair's legs.

Tiffy shook out her arms a bit, and, to Brandon's utter amazement, pulled out a long pair of scissors from her belt and pointed them at the boys, who's eyes, understandably, went wide.

Muttering a few syllables beneath her breath, Tiffy gave a few preemptive waves before one final, heavy flick of the scissors. An astonishing wave of blue light filled the room from floor to ceiling. Brandon let out a small squeal and fell to the floor, covering his head with both arms.

In another instant, it was over. Everyone quickly recovered and stepped forward (except for Brandon who was still cowering on the floor).

"Alright, let's hear you then," Tiffy encouraged. The boys still stood in the centre of the room, looking no worse for the wear.

"Ahem," Chris started. "Yes, yes I think it worked!"

Everyone cheered and clapped for Tiffy.

Brandon, who was back on his feet, put an end to the nonsense. "Hey, we're at war here, people! Let's get down to business!

"Now, what were you saying, er...showing, before?" Brandon shifted his eyes between the two of them, waiting for an answer.

"Yes, of course Sire. What I was trying to explain before was--"

"Wait a minute!" Senny called from his place in the corner. "My Lord, aren't you concerned about the magician who placed the spell on these two? It is clear that a powerful and dangerous person is helping Kewn in seeking your downfall, my King!"

Just as Brandon was about to answer, Lance piped up. "Actually, I reckon you might still catch the fellow that did this to us. Got us not a hundred metres from the castle gate. Probably still hiding out in the forest somewhere, isn't he?" Lance looked to Chris for agreement.

"What did he look like?" Senny asked urgently.

"Hmm, a sort of gangly, dark sort of fellow, aye Chris?" Chris agreed. "Couldn't see his face though, on account of the hood."

And with that, Senny bolted out the door, calling behind him to Brandon, "Not to worry, my Lord! I've got my men on it right away!"

Brandon shrugged and looked back at Lance and Chris. "Now, what were you saying?"

For fear of never being able to get the information out, Chris raised the bottle attached to his belt and got straight to the point. "I've created a potion; a potion that will cure the dragons! But," his head drooped a little, "I haven't got any left."

"Why not?" Brandon asked, most obviously.

"Well, we went to the Ruby River, Sire! But wait, for you to fully understand, I must start our story from the beginning."

The End

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