The The Story Teller's Apprentice No Pain No GainMature

"Heh that creepy cab driver thought he had me but I Pain Blitz got him before he got me.... Ok that probably wasn't the beat idea but hey it was fun. Hmmm I really need to stop talking out loud." Pain ran down random streets, people staring after him. Finally he turned into an alleyway. Leaning on the wall he tried to catch his breath. Looking at his clothing no wonder people were staring. His overall appearance didn't help either.  He had a pair of old jeans on a baggy green sleeveless t-shirt that said 'No Pain No Gain" on it and a Sliver symbol hair clip. He also had 5 piercings on his right ear, his left eye was white and blind making an odd combination with his other jade green eye and his hair a mix of black and Red, long in a plat. "All well doesn't matter." That old book said that to get through hear I had to beat Jack The Ripper. Easy. Pain looked out from the ally.  No one around. He stepped lightly making no noise as he jumped on to a crate and onto the roof. Scoping around to make sure no one else was up here. Satisfied he began to run and leap over roof tops, looking for a heavily populated area.

Teller was on the other end of London at Jack's house. Of course Jack couldn't see him. He moved over to the man at his desk. Leaning down and whispering in the man's ear he imposed his will for him to kill. Tellers torment would be with Jack for weeks. Up until he snapped and the famous killings would start. He left the man to his own devises, smiling to himself.  After a few blocks he spotted Shadow talking with a sobbing woman. Shadow saw Teller bid the woman farewell and went to talk to Teller. "That boy has caused a lot of trouble Teller." 'Tell me something I don't know" Teller meant it in a literal sense, he wanted to know something that could put him at an advantage. "Well there are 23 dead 20 fatally wounded and over 30 injured an.." "ARRR not about that I already know that I saw it I mean something about the boy." "Oh you mean Pain." "Hmm so that's his name" "Wait Teller you didn't even know his name?" Shadow was stunned.  Teller surely asked his name when he fell into the book. "That's the thing I have no idea how he came to be here."  "Don't read my mind Teller" "Sorry force of habit" "Any way Pain Blitz 17 years of age is a mental patient. He recently escaped and hasn't been found."  Teller sighed "So we're dealing with another physio what, was he in for?" Shadow chuckled "He was in for mass murder." Teller looked at Shadow. Not many kids are in for that. Shadow continued "It was when he was 10 years of age he mudded his whole class." "So heaps of kids do that they are charged with mass murder." "It wasn't because of that it was the way they died. All suicide. When they were found he was acting normal and acted as if it wasn't a big thing." Teller pounded over this new info and felt the gaze of Shadow. "What?" "You want to hear the rest?" "Ohhh you have more tell me, tell me." "Very well do you remember Kang?" "Ah don't remind me of him always on the safe side so boring." "Well he survived and lived a long life" "Yeah get to the point Shadow." Teller was all serious now and very annoyed. "Um... well yes you know how he had that book" "Yes?" Teller wasn't likening t were this was going. "Pain had an encounter with Kang and somehow defeated him and took the book." "WHAT!?" Teller was about to explode with rage and he wasn't the only thing that exploded then. 'Boom'

"Ahhh that should do it" Pain was quite pleased with himself. The area below him was ablaze people screaming, running around like headless chickens. Pain looked at the book 'Jack lives in a heavily populated area near the police station.' Yep Pain had gotten it right so, what would happen next?

Teller and Shadow turned around slowly. "Shadow" "Yes Teller?" "Did that brat just blow up Jack's House?" "Well it appears as if he blew up the whole area."  "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"  Teller ran off in the direction of the flames. "WAIT TELLER STOP" Shadow took off after him.

Pain was happily humming to himself when he heard sound to his left. Spinning around he drew his dragon hilt dagger. Teller and Shadow stood just meters from Pain. "Why hello BRAT" "And you must be The Story Teller also I have a name."  Teller laughed "What use is a name to a dead man" and he lunged at Pain. Shadow hadn't anticipated that and was too late to try to hold Teller back. Pain wasn't ready for that either. Even with all his training all his practice, none of it compares to centuries of experience. Quicker than Pain could fallow Teller smashed his fist into Pain's face. Pain lost balance on the roof and fell into the flames. Teller followed. Shadow ran to the edge "Shit" He pulled out his phone and called for help. "Hello this is Envy" "Envy it's me we need a medical team in London." "Shadow we are busy and" "WE NEED IT NOW Teller's gone berserk" ".....I'm coming."

"Uggg my head is killing me" "It's not the only thing that's going to be killing you" Pain opened his eyes and saw Teller. "Heh lucky shot" Pain was up and rushed Teller But stoped when he felt a pain in his stomach. "Lucky was I?" Teller swiftly swept his arm right and Pain fell to his knees. "W-hat?" Pain looked down and saw he was fully cut open, He could see his insides. Literally blood and guts were spilling everywhere. "Heh basted that was my favourite t-shirt" Pain looked at Teller. There was pure glee in his eyes. "Well my work here is done see you in hell" With that Teller leapt onto the safety of the roof tops. Leaving Pain to burn. "It wasn't supposed to end like this"

The End

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