The Story Teller's Apprentice Chapter 1 Dam BratMature

The Story Teller is one of the most powerfull beings in the world. But what happens when he meets his match? A teenage psychopath enters The Story Teller's deadly game and ......IS WINNING.(GASP) The story of the council, The Story Teller and mutch more is reviled in the Horror, Action, Comedy.... (WARNING this story also has sky diving zombliesand pink elephants)

Now.  The Story Teller is and has always been a master of horror, scaring young and old for as long as anyone has believed that such things as monsters exists.  And not your 4 year old TV monsters either. Not many humans that HAVE met The Story Teller live to tell the tale and those that do are believed to be crazy. This is true. they are.  But this kid, ohhh this boy, this brat just doesn't get it. Or maybe he gets it a bit too well. "AHHHHHHHHH MOTHER F$*^#@. (CRASH BOOM) STUPID LITTLE HOMO (SHATTER "AIIIEEEE" CRASH) RAAAAAA" "Teller calm down please" "CALM DOWN? HOW CAN I CLAM DOWN WHEN THIS BRAT JUST STABED RUBY? SHE'S A F@$#ING SOUL EATER FOR F^#$* SAKE AHHHHHHH" "Teller it's not like she is dead" "AND YOU! HOW CAN YOU BE SO CALM SHE'S YOUR DAUTHER YOU SHOD BE ANGRIER THAN ME" "(I don't think anyone could be angrier than you) sigh" Lady Luck sat down in her chair with her head in her hands. Hopelessly watching The Story Teller ruin everything in his house, and knowing how he would wine about his rare and valuable items being broken later on. She looked between her long dark eyelashes at the television. The 'brat' after stabbing Ruby her daughter had run straight to where Dark Shadow was. "(Looks like he will go to the 1800s. No one has ever figured out who Jack is) Teller."She called his name in the way that makes you realize how truly powerful she is. "Hn what?" The Story Teller had calmed down from his tantrum and was now trying to fix a vase that was as old as it was beautiful. "The boy" "Brat you mean" "'Sigh' he is talking to Dark Shadow" CRASH. The Story Teller had looked up at the TV as soon as Lady Luck had said so dropping the vase and glued his eyes to the TV screen. "hehehehehehehHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHA BWA HA HA HA this is perfect he was a formidable opponent but in the end a mere child cannot do what  history's greatest minds could not" Lady Luck sighed once again shaking her head as the Story Teller stood with his but in the air staring down at the TV giggling like a love sick school girl. Lady Luck's attention was pulled from the fool to her daughter as she entered from the large wooden door sobbing and dress torn.  "Oh my lovely come here" Lady Luck held her arms open as her daughter rushed to give her mother a hug. "Oh mommy it was horrible first Kale breaks up with me, then that boy comes and stabs me" "Well you did try to take their souls" The Story Teller had looked up from the TV to stare at the couple on the chair. Ruby glared at The Story Teller a warning most of the council headed well. "GA no need to get your panties in a not....hehehehe panties." Lady Luck rolled her eyes. "Where is the boy" "brat" "'sigh' where is the brat now?" just about to get on the carriage oh the suspense is gust killing me." The Story Teller had moved away from the TV and was prancing around lounge room. Ruby Looked up at the TV and giggled. "Teller you shod look at this tee hee" Teller turned around slowly and looked at the TV "GAAAAA WHAT DID HE JUST DO!?" Teller grabbed the remote and pressed the rewind button. Then playing the scene in slow motion he watched in silent astonishment absolutely gob smacked as the Brat grabbed the carriage driver and slit his throat. then dashing off around the corner and for added effect wiped the horses in to a frenzied trot. As time caught up with its self he saw a bloody mess as the horses ran into a store smashing the glass window. The carriage whirled around hitting a group of ladies slicing through several of their heads and crushing the rest. The horses on the other hand had trampled over most of the children in the store every one of them under the age of 9 or 11 and were making quick work of the store owner. Screams of horror filled the air as blood filled the streets. Air born pieces of limbs and guts landed on helpless bystanders making them run out of nothing but pure horror. Among the screams of horror the moans and wails of the wounded and dyeing began to raise up make a sound that sent some mad. Teller didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Laugh because this was just too rich or cry because that Brat had started it.  Instead he put his head in his hands and muttered something Lady Luck or Ruby could hear. "Teller" Lady Luck whispered "This boy is almost as brutal as you" 'Tee hee I think he is more brutal than Teller" "Shut it ruby" Ruby got up and stomped over to Teller "You look here Teller" She spat out his name full with venom. "I know you're the "Master of horror' but I can always......" She never finished her sentence. The Story Teller had stood up and was just staring at Ruby. His playful green eyes no longer seemed playful anymore. His whole aura had changed somehow.  Ruby looked at him confused. She no longer wanted to make fun of his pink hair or his skinny pale figure.  He raised his eyebrow. Ruby looked down ashamed for some reason. 'Just what I thought all bark and no bite." Turning Teller headed to the old mouldy wooden door. Taking his hat, cane and an old jacket he strode with confidence through the door. "Mother why do I feel" "Scared?" Lady Luck offered. Ruby nodded her head and hugged her mother. She now was back to looking like a 5 year old girl. A sign she was worried "Don't worry dear. Teller has just gotten serous now that's all."  Lady Luck pated Ruby's head and wished the boy a quick death.
Teller was walking briskly among the streets of London. Knowing exactly where he was going .Ignoring the screams and the rush of people.   "Dam Brat. I'll show you horror in a minute."

The End

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